Our team at Digital and Creative Services (DCS) thrives on the opportunity to bring your creative vision to life, build user-centric digital experiences, design striking publications and craft content that truly speaks to your audience.

Our services

We specialise in:

  • Creative direction across print and digital design
  • Content planning, creation, editing and proofing
  • Digital user experience design, informed through focus groups and user testing
  • Video and motion graphics
  • Social media advice and management
  • Website development compliant with industry standards
  • Business intelligence, analytics and performance reporting
  • End-to-end project management and advice
  • Quality assurance and validation
  • Ongoing support and training

We create

We create digital and creative products that support your vision and project goals. These include:

  • Website and web enhancements
  • Digital content creation
  • Advertisement and advertorial creation
  • Journal articles
  • Annual reports and other corporate publications
  • Speech writing and conference presentation
  • Brochures and flyers
  • Social media content
  • Emails templates
  • Signage
  • Speeches
  • Animations
  • Videos

Project lifecycle

We follow a four-step process during your project lifecycle:

  1. Discovery: Understanding your project needs and identifying a solution
  2. Scoping: Working with you to define the project scope
  3. Production: Building the best solution
  4. Delivery: Launching your project and measuring its performance

At each step, we'll consult with you and keep you fully informed as we progress with the project.

Some of our services are offered using a cost recovery model. During the Discovery and Scoping phases we will provide an estimate of time and costings relating to your project.

Getting started

Often the most challenging task is getting started. What does DCS need to know?

For all your digital and content needs

Your first step is to complete our project initiation brief. Try to complete as much as you can. It's ok if you don't have all the answers right away. We'll work through this with you.

Digital and content project brief

For your print design needs

Complete our print design job request form:

Print design job request

During the Discovery stage

The next step is to meet up with one of our team members to discuss your project further and kick start the Discovery process.

We'll run through the information you've provided in the brief, work with you to fill in any blanks and ask any other questions, if needed.

This is also your opportunity to ask us any questions of your own.

At DCS, we look forward to bringing your creative vision to life.

Still stuck and need to talk things through? Contact us to organise a chat.